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So how many months post-op ACL surgery does it take to feel like your old sports-playing-high-flying-risk-taking-dive-for-anything self? In my case, 10-11 months. We all are different, but you will know when you are there.

You won’t think twice about playing two soccer games in one night.

You’ll become the one begging YOUR friends(who most likely have both ACLs in tact) to run the marathon of your choice.

And then you’ll see other people with massive, black and constricting leg braces hobbling across the street and you’ll think, “ouch! that sucks!” nano-seconds before you remember that you, too, were once in their humbling position. (Soon after you will express your condolences and tell them to “hang in there” because you are a good person, right?!)

The CPM, ice machine, vicodin, stitches are distant memories that have left your vernacular. Those were all ages ago. But if you close your eyes really tightly you can indeed remember the pain of not being able to lift your leg off the bed in the morning without the assistance of BOTH hands. Don’t think too hard, though. Look at your knee now. The faded traces of scars. The muscles around it you worked so hard to build back up. And think, “there’s an entirely new piece of ligament underneath that cap that has grown accustomed to me for almost a year. WHAT!”

Now stop reading this post.

Lace up your running shoes. And go engage in your favorite outdoor activity you loved as a kid.

Here’s to feeling like brand new again, but never really having to pause to think about it ever again.

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