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This whole rehab process has inspired me. This blog has inspired me. And all you wonderful readers and commenters without a doubt have inspired me to keep pushing forward–so much so that I have decided to put the pain behind me and debut the my-new-ACL-is better-than-it-ever-was comeback by participating in the 2010 Chicago Triathlon (Supersprint level–let’s not get carried away).

What better way to make myself and everyone else forget my bench-warming months of rehab than by doing three sports in one day? (*Note the word “participating,” meaning I’m not busting over backwards to break records, just wanna shatter any previous painful ACL memories.)

So there you go. I’ll be hitting the chilly waters of Lake Michigan on August 29. More details to come.

That’s my ACL-is-better-than-ever goal. What’s yours?

Feel free to share your comeback stories, especially if you did a 5K up to a Tri. And be sure to comment if you are participating in the Chicago Tri or will be in the area–you can sport a Yes Knee Can t-shirt. (Yes! That’s right–a YKC tee! It’s about time you had something cool to wear to PT. T-shirts with actual blog logo coming soon.)

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