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Sixth day post-op.

I can finally bend my knee to 90 degrees with the help of my CPM machine and I can move around a little better than before. I have been using my crutches all the time, but have started to bear almost full weight on my injured leg. My leg is still very swollen and still feels numb in areas around the stitches. I’m still sore, but hopefully this week will include more small victories to ensure I am doing everything I can.

With my small victories, I also encountered a more-than-minor setback–the stomach flu. I woke up at 4 a.m. this morning and continuously puked for hours. I thought this bore all the signs stomach flu, but I’m starting to think it was the pain meds getting the best of me. Since they mask so much pain, I tend to forget how powerful they can be. Just make sure you ALWAYS eat plenty before you pop your pain pills. Or else you will experience how quickly you can actually move and “hop” to the bathroom with a fresh ACL and stitches, althought I don’t recommend it. Just be sure to eat something.

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