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I’m nervous. I’m restless. And as of last week, I can’t take any form of Asprin. And starting today at 6 a.m., I won’t be able to consume any alcohol. Not a big deal, except for I’m going to an Argentinian steak house for a last supper with my busted knee. Guess I’ll discover how a chilled glass of water compliments a juicy steak.

Until then, I’ll explain my procedure–Right Knee ACL reconstruction and arthroscopy. Basically, my ACL is completely torn, so I need a new one. With tears, the ACL can be patched up, but with complete tears, the ACL needs to be created from a graft.

There are three graft options for patients: allograft (cadaver ligament), hamstring graft and a patella tendon graft.

Some grafts are more popular than others, but no graft is considered the best solution. My doctor, Gordon Nuber,from the Northwestern Orthopaedic Institute in Chicago, IL, told me that most people opt for the cadaver graft. Honestly, the thought of another person’s ligament inside my kneecap didn’t fly with me–and one of my sister’s friends got an infection from one, which is a risk of the allograft, although not common. Nuber also told me he does not perform hamstring grafts. He realizes people might want it, but in his opinion, the hamstring is too weak. After all, he did author almost 100 orthopaedic publications while reconstructing the likes of the Chicago Blackhawks, Cubs and Da Bears. Sounds like I’m all in for a patella graft.

Wish me luck. (Video from Dr. Bertram Zarins at Mass General Hospital)

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