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I haven’t posted a pic–or a post–in a while. Sorry for the delay. I’ve been too busy rehabbin’! I promise to be more active, especially since I am entering six-months post-op and the home stretch for my first post-op ski trip at the end of Jan.

Here’s what my knee looks like these days. It’s slightly bent in the picture, so it’s a little more white than usual. Hopefully it will go “clear” soon.

Six months post-op ACL scar

Six months post-op ACL scar

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A Quick Overview on Life These Days:

-Bending, Extenstion and ROM seem to be very up to par

-My knee only feels stiff when I am sitting at my desk for long periods of time

-Still no running, but I am avid on the bike, rowing machine, eliptical and others

-My knee doesn’t “pop” as much, apparently the knee cap is getting back into it’s groove

-My operated leg is still not as strong as the other leg (only 50 million more squats to go!)

-I am (cautiously) “jumping” on the BOSU ball and shuttle machine

-My scar is pretty much clear, no more purple/red to it

-My scar tissue has faded fast, sometimes I have to search hard to find the little bit of it

-I am actually looking forward to getting back to sports soon (sports, as in playing on a team) I’m also a huge advocate of being cautious with this bionic knee, so no set date yet, but I feel ready. I will be hitting the slopes in Tahoe this January.


I hope all is well with everyone! Where are you at post-op and what is your new knee life like these days?

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Today is my five-month anniversary with my newly constructed ligament.

Overall things have been going well. I think my biggest obstacle now is life getting in my way. It’s hard to stick to a 2/day PT schedule when you work long hours, socialize and overall are feeling a little bit more back to normal. Not that normal, though. I still try to make it to PT twice a week, but find myself cancelling a lot of those appointments due to the aforementioned commitments of “life.” Some of it I can control, while others I can’t.

Right now I feel like I’m in a weird holding period of “feeling fine to go about the normal day” but “not up to par with normal physical activities.” I can walk to work just fine, substitute the stairs for the elevator with no problem, but I’m just not back to my old physical regime–soccer two nights a week, the gym every other night, run 3 miles, then play various other sports throughout the week. I’ll get there. I just have to reevaluate the importance of pushing myself to go beyond getting through the normal day and getting back into normal activities. Besides, if I want to be skiing by the end of January, I think I have my work cut of for me.

If it helps any, at least it did for me, go back and look through the pictures of your progress. Maybe you have pictures after surgery, your scar progression or any pictures of you post-op. Now, think about where you are today–how you feel, how your strength is and your mobility. Finally, take your hand and give yourself a big ol’ pat on the back. Congrats, champ! You’re that much closer to your normal life.

I think about the bandages, the CPM machine, the pain killers that made me sick, the crutches, that damn brace in the middle of summer and my humility–none of those things are present in my life anymore. I hope you continue to shed layers of bad ACL experiences every day. 

After Surgery–ACL Scar                                                           DSCN1822

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The headline on today’s Chicago Red Eye, a free supplement to the Chicago Tribune, stated, “Best or Worst Summer Ever?” The reason for this story is because of the sub-par, chilly, less-than-stellar summer weather Chicago has been experiencing in these past two months. I guess if you need to choose a month or two to get your ACL reconstructed, might as well choose to do so during one of the worst weather-wise summers in Chicago. As much as I love summer, I didn’t mind being restricted to my couch for the month of June–a month with more rainfall than sunshine. Although all was not lost with the Chicago summer, my friends still flocked to the beaches (yes! we have “beaches” here) and acheived golden skin tones. Like I said earlier, I was indoors for a good portion of the summer, in which I got slighty jealous that my friends sported nice tans and I was still Midwest-winter white. Before I stepped out to debut my new knee, I felt a spray tan could nicely accompany my fresh scars and bulky brace brace I had to sport thru July. Without further ado, my knee brace tan. (I covered the scars in the tanning booth.) Yeskneecan go to extreme measures to feel like you are still part of normal society post surgery! Whatever makes you happy! And trust me, you’re going to need all the laughs you can get during recovery. Picture 190

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This is what most Fridays in Junes looked like for me. I didn’t wear pants until about a month after my surgery. Cut-offs sufficed. If you look closely, you can see the scar.


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Today I have my first acupuncture appointment. I’m not one to knock the benefits of natural medicine, but something about strategically placing needles in my body is kinda weird to me.
Some brief research, and here’s some helpful info on how acupuncture can help heal an ACL:

From the Lalli Care Clinic in Canada
Acupuncture can be a usefull tool to increase blood flow into the area of an injury which will improve the healing process. It also acts on pain receptors to decrease pain as a result of injury.

-From ProSportsHealing.com

Dr. Abdullah says accupuncture stimulates the immune system and is a natural pain killer. The doc also says there are three stages to recovery process: inflammation, repair and reconditioning.

Acupuncture has an anti-inflammatory effect–and I can use that about now. I’m still trying to deal with breaking up scar tissue. I figure I would give this a shot, besides, the insurance pays for it.

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The proof is in the pictures. Can’t say enough about how I’m pleased with using Mederma–I’m just a fan, that’s all, and there’s nothing wrong with hope in a liquid gel that takes the damage away by using onion extract as an active ingredient. (I just checked their site and you can download a $2 coupon.)  Either way, scarring is a hot topic with people, women especially. I have heard of people who avoid the surgery b/c the scars. Besides vitamin E, I’ve heard petroleum jelly is just as effective and a lot less expensive. Read  more Mederma pros/cons here.

These pics were taken about 2-3 weeks apart.

IMG_1834 IMG_1889

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