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Recently while leaving a PT appointment, I found one of their general business cards for their office, the San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy.

It struck me because it was very clever and filled with great tips, but it also struck me because I just complied my “10 Golden Rules of ACL Rehab Therapy.” Very timely. I was also surprised that three of their tips overlapped mine. Great people must rehab alike 🙂

This is what the front of the card looks like:

The back of the card reads:

“Tips for Saving Your Knees”

Don’t lock them.

Wear good shoes.

Run on grass or asphalt. Avoid concrete.

Sqaut like you are sitting: stick your butt out.

Stretch your legs, not your back.

Ramp up running or lifting in steps, not leaps.

Support your arches.

If it hurts, don’t do it. Ask for help.

If it hurts anyway, call us.

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