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An ACL surgery where most pain and swelling subsides in 4-6 weeks, vs. 3-4 months for traditional open or partial-arthroscopic ACL replacement? Where was this option when I needed it five months ago?!

Excerpts of this article were taken from “Ohio Orthopedic Surgeon Daniel Zanotti, MD, is One of the First in the U.S. to Perform All-Arthroscopic ACL Replacement Surgery” on PRWEB

“This time of year, athletes have a lot of knee injuries, especially football and soccer players,” says board-certified orthopedic surgeon Daniel Zanotti, MD. “At the Center for Orthopedics, we’re pushing the envelope with a brand-new all-arthroscopic ACL reconstruction procedure.” 

Daniel Zanotti, MD

Daniel Zanotti, MD


  Orthopedic surgeons have recently started using allograft or donor tendon tissue. We’ve tried to eliminate any incisions for harvesting grafts or even for inserting them–doing everything arthroscopically through a few tiny holes.




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