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For the past two months, all of my PT sessions have started out on the excercise bike. This has not only warmed up the muscles, but given me added confidence so when I’m outside of my PT’s watchful eye, I can actually complete these activities. The road to full-sports recovery may be long, but biking is just one of the many activities I first (and confidently) came back to. But as we all know, doing the same activity over and over again can get boring. So…just when I got bored with the bike, someone (one of my relative’s in laws) came up with the Conference Bike. Talk about a Continuios Passive Motion Machine!

Yeskneecan ride the Conference Bike with six other people! It’s the closest I came to “participating” in group sports in a long time. All riders pedal and one person steers. We worked up some speed and managed to go up some light hills. If you ever see one, I highly recommend checking it out! Or, if you are in the San Fran/Bay Area and want to rent it out for an event–or some productive group therapy, just let me know! My relative, Terry, is one of a few lucky owners of this bike, and he’d love to spread the fun around.

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Meet my new BFF, the CPM (continuous passive motion) machine.

The day I got home from surgery, they suggested I start with minor excercises and start using the CPM machine. Everyone who gets an ACL reconstructed will get familiar with this bulky piece of equipment. The premise is simple: lay down, strap your leg in, set the machine to elevate your leg to the desired degree and let it do the work for you. Set it and forget it, if you will. The doctor recommends I stay in this machine four to six hours a day.

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