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The headline on today’s Chicago Red Eye, a free supplement to the Chicago Tribune, stated, “Best or Worst Summer Ever?” The reason for this story is because of the sub-par, chilly, less-than-stellar summer weather Chicago has been experiencing in these past two months. I guess if you need to choose a month or two to get your ACL reconstructed, might as well choose to do so during one of the worst weather-wise summers in Chicago. As much as I love summer, I didn’t mind being restricted to my couch for the month of June–a month with more rainfall than sunshine. Although all was not lost with the Chicago summer, my friends still flocked to the beaches (yes! we have “beaches” here) and acheived golden skin tones. Like I said earlier, I was indoors for a good portion of the summer, in which I got slighty jealous that my friends sported nice tans and I was still Midwest-winter white. Before I stepped out to debut my new knee, I felt a spray tan could nicely accompany my fresh scars and bulky brace brace I had to sport thru July. Without further ado, my knee brace tan. (I covered the scars in the tanning booth.) Yeskneecan go to extreme measures to feel like you are still part of normal society post surgery! Whatever makes you happy! And trust me, you’re going to need all the laughs you can get during recovery. Picture 190

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This is what most Fridays in Junes looked like for me. I didn’t wear pants until about a month after my surgery. Cut-offs sufficed. If you look closely, you can see the scar.


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Now that I am finished with my crutches, I want to get them out of my apartment. Same thing with my two knee braces, when I officially cut the cord with those–hopefully next week. Being in San Fran this week made me hold onto them just a little longer.

Best way to say goodbye to these items? By giving hope to someone else who needs it. That said, I’m going to donate all of these items.

There’s a lot of worthy causes out there where you can donate your crutches–Salvation Army, Veteran’s Hospitals and nursing homes, to name a few.

Here’s a great e-how article on the best way to do this. Read it here.

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