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Happy 2010 everyone! Since 2009 brought me a new knee, I resolve to get it into tip-top shape in the new year. That said, here are my 2010 Knee Year’s Resolutions. And, please, feel free to add yours, too!

1. Get in shape to hit the slopes in the coming months–Tahoe and a TBD Colorado destination 

2. Work on plyometrics/my jumping

3. Continue to build up stamina to run a 12K in May. (I did my first 5-minute jog last week–woo hoo! Yes Knee Can jog again!)

4. Try my best to do PT EVERY DAY! (This will be the hardest one of all!)

5. And finally, for the enjoyment of all of us, I plan to compile the unofficial running list of professional atheletes who have torn their ACLs. It’s an exclusive club and the price is steep, as we know, but we should keep track of our members. You heard it here first!

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