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Yesterday, I made a quick run to Walgreen’s and ran into this guy …


… at first, I was startled. I couldn’t believe his hair do, so I had to ask him about it. Turns out, Jack, with www.rollersoccer.com tattooed on the back of his head, is the owner creator of the Rollersoccer Federation International. As we talked soccer, it’s inevitable that I had to bring up my knee and how I lost it to soccer. No one who plays soccer questions an ACL soccer injury; they happen all the time.

Jack went on to tell me that some of soccer’s greatest players have used roller soccer as rehab to get back to the grassy field. Interesting. People wearing roller blades, sprinting up and down a wooden gym floor all while trying to incorporate the fundamentals of soccer is actually GOOD for knee rehab? What do you think? I’ll have to check with my surgeon and PTs on that one. Nonetheless, Jack–a very enthusiatic and outgoing fellow–piqued my interest. I do like a challenge, so while I’m still in wall-squat and leg-lift prohibition, I’ll look into the sport of roller soccer. 

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