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Last weekend I went on a ski trip to Tahoe with friends. I didn’t ski as a personal choice. As much as I want to get my fresh powder fix, my knee and my recovery means to much to me to risk coming back prematurely. I know this is not the case for most people and most people would be skiing 7 months post-op. I am taking the cautious route because I NEVER EVER want to go through ANYTHING like this again. Period. I’m still working at my knee every day and there’s hope for me towards the end of the ski season. Back to the title of the post, Two ACLS, I won’t talk about me because I wasn’t the only the reconstructed ACL on the ski trip. My friend Kate, who tore her ACL skiing backcountry in Tahoe last year and had surgery in June, came along, too. She skiied. No problems for her. I should also mention that she is way more of a hard core skier than me. There was also an UFC fighter on the trip. Last year he tore his ACL, MCL and PCL (Ultimate fighting is intense). He also skied just fine. Then again, he had more to recover from, but also probably spends way more time in the gym than most people.

While I was in Tahoe, I couldn’t stand still, so I went snowshoeing, a rather enjoyable, quite strenuous and very low-impact workout. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is not ready to get back to skiing but still wants to go on ski trips with 30 of their best friends. My therapist agrees that snow shoeing is great. While it’s certainly not the same as carving down the mountain, it still affords the same view.

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