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OK, so I don’t officially have a “Yes Knee Can” awards ceremony in place, maybe because the trophy market is slightly oversatuarated at the moment. Anyway, there’s no reason why other deserving awards can’t overlap into the “Yes Knee Can” category. We all know how devasting it is/was to hear the dreaded knee “pop,” so we need to recieve inspiration from others who have successfully rehabbed whenever we can. Here’s a little bit of hope for you:

Yesterday Tom Brady was named the 2009 NFL Comeback Player of the Year, just a year after his ACL injury.

Read the Boston Herald’s story.

It’s amazing to think he tore his ACL on September 7, 2008, had surgery on October 6, 2008, rehabbed in the off season and came back to play a full season this past year, all while he was about 10-11 months post-op. Seems like a text book recovery time. But this is the NFL … come on, people! That’s the creme de la creme of athleticism (some think). This is no pick-up soccer game with your friends, unless, of course, your friends average out at 350 lbs. Doubtful, though. Either way, hats off to Brady. Another shining example of how we all can really comeback to the exact level that we left off at prior to the “pop.” 

Injured Brady from Medical News

Tom Brady Torn ACL

Brady: Our ACL Comeback Kid

Photo from Boston Herald

Photo by Nancy Lane

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